13 September 2023


As we celebrate Ren's one-year journey with us at The Bread Factory, we're eager to share his inspiring story. Ren's path reminds us of the opportunities that flourish within our close-knit team.

Ren began his adventure with us as a Best Cake and Morning Goods (BCMG) Developer last summer. His journey to our bakery is quite extraordinary – from Brazil to a Gap year in Ireland, and to Liverpool, where he passed through a food development centre on his daily commute. During this time, Ren discovered his passion for development and chose to pursue it as a career. Before finding his place here, he gained valuable experience at another company, which set the stage for his time at The Bread Factory.

What attracted Ren to TBF was the chance to learn and grow. Despite already being an expert in cakes, he saw TBF as an opportunity to expand his knowledge while maintaining our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality – a value dear to us. Through relentless effort and dedication, Ren progressed from a New Product Development (NPD) Developer to the position of New Product and Process Developer Technologies. One of Ren's proudest achievements was leading the way in launching our delightful tray bake products: • Apple Crumble • Miso & White Chocolate • Coconut, Almond, and Raspberry This project was his from inception to realisation, turning a concept into mouth-watering reality.

For Ren, what makes The Bread Factory special, is the people. The unwavering support he's received, and the shared understanding that every role contributes to our larger mission of crafting exceptional, high-quality products. Ren's journey is a testament to how passion, dedication, and a supportive community can transform a career. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Ren and all the delicious bakes that are yet to come.