13 September 2023

This is Harold, our Kitchen Porter, who joined our team back in 2019.

While many people might choose to embrace a slower pace during their golden years, Harold had a different plan. At the remarkable age of 66, he made a conscious decision not to retire; instead, he embarked on a quest to continue his passion for learning, which is when he discovered The Bread Factory.

Harold found his perfect fit in our Central Kitchen, which is a buzzing hive of activity, crafting our delectable Gail's Bakery products around the clock. It's a place where the energy never wanes, and the excitement never fades. He has consistently been a pillar of support for his team. He lends a helping hand whenever and wherever needed, and his presence has an enchanting way of leaving everyone with a brighter spirit than when they first crossed his path.

When we asked what his words of advice were this is the answer, he gave us: "Always be open to education, no matter what age you are; you can always learn something new." We are fortunate to have him as part of our team at The Bread Factory, where his dedication, joy, and commitment inspire us all.

He proves that age is truly just a number.