13 September 2023


Deya's journey at The Bread Factory started in August 2021 as an Apprenticeships Coordinator. Before that, she worked in luxury hotels for over a decade, perfecting her skills in creating memorable guest experiences. Her passion for learning and development led her to The Bread Factory.

In her role as the Apprenticeships Coordinator, she took care of designing, managing, recruiting, and delivering apprenticeships, all while nurturing young talents. But Deya's dedication went further. She introduced the wonders of sourdough breadmaking to the next generation, welcoming schools and colleges to our bakery.

She also played a crucial role in developing the Lead Baker L3 standard with the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink. Additionally, she co-created the BreadYOUcation program with Anomarel, our Executive Head Baker. This program represents our bakery's innovative spirit, promoting a culture of continuous improvement, curiosity, collaboration, and innovation.

Deya summed up her experience at The Bread Factory by saying, "It's not just about the dough; it's about the people." The unwavering support from colleagues and our shared commitment to quality have been the heart of her journey here.

Now, in her new role as L&D Trainer and Apprenticeships Lead, she looks forward to the next exciting chapter in this doughy adventure.